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I hope you enjoy learning about the range of classes available. This is our basic programme and we occasionally add or offer one-off events. All classes are designed for beginners but of course, the more you do, the more confident and dexterous you become.
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Beginning Bookbinding

This 5-week series is designed to give you a comprehensive introduction to the basic skills of bookbinding. We complete four different structures - case bound, quarter bound, concertina and stab stitch - as well as a lined slipcase in which to store your 'prototype' collection. The styles are carefully chosen so that they each represent a finished project or can be ‘mixed and matched’ to provide a myriad of creative results ensuring you are never again short of a notebook or gift!
You finish with your own beautiful collection to use or to refer to as you practice your new skills.
All equipment and materials will be provided along with step-by-step demonstration and practice.  As far as possible, we use easily available tools and materials so that you can put your learning to immediate use but pre-prepared kits will be available should you wish to avail of them.
The Wrap

An alternative or addition to the more traditional books above, this 5-week programme explores four more beautiful and versatile structures as well as more advanced box-making.
Styles include long stitch, Islamic-style, Wrapper (suitable for use on old and damaged or new books), and Posh Paper (after the Dos Rapporte) all held together in a lined and lidded box
All equipment an materials will be provided along with step-by-step demonstration and practice. As far as possible, we use easily available tools and materials and pre-prepared kits will also be available. You will leave each class with your own unique book along with the skills and instructions to recreate the same project at home ensuring you are never again short of a notebook or gift!  

"In bookbinding, a dos-à-dos binding (from the French meaning "back-to-back") is a binding structure in which two separate books are bound together such that the fore edge of one is adjacent to the spine of the other, with a shared lower board between them serving as the back cover of both. When shelved, the spine of the book to the right faces outward, while the spine of the book to the left faces the back of the shelf; the text of both works runs head-to-tail." (Straight from Wikipedia!)
In this workshop we take it a step farther and, on the basis that if you can do three, two is a doddle, you will leave with a 'tres-a-tres' and also be able to do a dos-a-dos! 
Suitable for beginners. 

Raised Bands

During this one day class we use a mixture of demonstration and practice to ensure that you finish the day with a completed quarter leather raised bands book. A stunning book and skills that you can transfer home if you wish.
As a general rule, we use locally sourced hand marbled paper to compliment the leather. Payhembury Papers are international suppliers of beautiful marbled papers and are based in Pampisford.
The class is suitable for beginners and it is recommended but not essential that it is combined with the hard backed case bound journal (either the one day class or Beginning Bookbinding). 

Repairs - Paper and Pages 

During this one-day programme you learn the basics of paper and page repairs using a variety of papers and tissues. The morning starts with an assessment of the repairs required, this is followed by deconstruction of books (where necessary) in a safe and sympathetic fashion after which page and signature repairs can be done. We also practice repairs in-situ as well as learn how to fill holes and repair tears amongst other things.

Our aim is to prepare the book(s) ready for re-sewing. The class is taught through some demonstration but mainly through guided practice and participants are encouraged to bring along a  book in need of page/paper repair. Designed for beginners.

Diamond Longstitch

During this one day class you will learn how to make your own journal with a decoratively stitched leather or ‘washable paper’ spine, which includes space for an integral pencil or pen. This is a beautiful, interesting and versatile book structure that opens flat when in use.

There will be a variety of coloured threads and a range of cover papers available to choose from including some locally made hand marbled paper.

Single Page Loop Binding 

Most classes teach techniques for binding a number of sections of pages into a book but of course there is often the need to bind single pages too.

During this workshop you will learn how to stitch single pages into a decorative book form. This book lies flat when open and is popular amongst other things as a scrapbook or an artist portfolio. once you've done this class it will be possible to bind anything 2-dimensional into a book form -  tiles, slates, sheets of perspex or balsa wood; even paper!

Suitable for beginners.

Japanese-style Album

This binding is one of the earliest 'book' shaped bindings dating back to China in the  century.  Today, these books are used as sketchbooks, notebooks and, with a little extra reinforcement, albums or scrapbooks. During this workshop you will learn one of the four stitch styles used in traditional Japanese bookbinding. These are beautiful structures to which you can add a variety of creative finishes. You can also design your own stitch patterns!        
The traditional labelling  is a technique which can be transferred to other books.
Suitable for beginners.
Coptic Binding

The historic and beautiful 'coptic' binding is a very popular class.
The binding allows the book to lie perfectly flat and also to open to 360 degrees, making it popular amongst other things as a journal, travel book or artist sketch book. Also, the exposed spine stitching has enormous visual appeal.
During the day you will learn how to prepare the pages for binding as well as decide on your own personal decorative style for board covering before getting to grips with the stitching. You will also have creative input on the appearance of the spine itself.
Suitable for beginners.

 Secret Belgian binding 

Slight controversy over the title of this binding as the inventor (Anne Goy) wishes it to be known as CrissCross Binding but let's not split hairs or threads. This one is a beauty combining the best of western and Japanese bindings resulting in a closed but exposed spine which lies flat when open; a very versatile book that can be used as a journal, sketchbook or even photograph album. 

This workshop is suitable for everyone whether you are a beginner or are looking to learn a new technique.

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